Email Archiving

SMTP2GO paid accounts can optionally enable Email Archiving which will store the content, attachments and delivery details of emails sent for your selected duration. Archiving allows you to see how the emails appear and ensures you have records stored for compliance. Archiving involves additional charges that can be seen in the "Settings > Sending Options > Archiving Duration" section in the App.

Adjusting Your Archiving Duration

If you wish to update the length of time that your emails are archived (1-5 years), this can be done in the "Settings > Sending Options > Archiving Duration" section of the App. You'll need to choose if you'd like your existing emails to have their archive duration increased. If you decrease the length of time your emails are archived, the new (shorter) duration will only apply to emails that are archived from that point in time onwards.

How to enable Email Archiving

Enabling archiving is done on a per SMTP User, API Key or Authenticated IP (IP Authentication) basis and is handled in their respective sections of the SMTP2GO App.