🌎 Base URL

The SMTP2GO API's base URL is: https://api.smtp2go.com/v3/

For example, an API call to /stats/email_summary will be reachable at: https://api.smtp2go.com/v3/stats/email_summary

US, EU and AU Endpoints

Aside from the Global URL, requests may be prefixed with one of the following base URL's:

RegionBase URL
US (United States)https://us-api.smtp2go.com/v3/
EU (European Union)https://eu-api.smtp2go.com/v3/
AU (Oceania)https://au-api.smtp2go.com/v3/

If you send your requests to the 'Global' endpoint, the API will automatically choose the US, EU or AU endpoint based on which is closer to the request origin.